Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrating Our Military Moms: Breastfeeding in Combat Boots

Today, in recognition of Veterans Day, I wanted to especially acknowledge the all the moms that have and are currently serving in the military.  I salute you for your double service to our country: serving in active duty and raising your family.  Many of our military moms are breastfeeding moms too, which comes with a whole different set of workplace challenges as they try to balance motherhood and their jobs. 

For our women in the military who wonder how will it be possible to breastfeed their child while on active duty, I offer you this resource:

From the website: "The book and website have been created to offer a practical and field-tested guide that will help military mothers from all branches of the armed forces find the information and support to successfully breastfeed with confidence. Is it possible to work full time on active duty and still be there to nurture and nurse your baby? YES!"

My many thanks to all the women and men of our armed forces, past and present, for your commitment and sacrifice.  And especially to my cousin Jessica, serving in the Air Force, who is a wonderful new mom.  

May you all be kept safe.

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