Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monthly MythBuster #2: There Are Certain Foods Breastfeeding Moms CAN'T Eat.

Oh, of the many breastfeeding myths out there, this is the one I heard the most over the holidays.  Of course, with all those tempting, delicious treats and special dishes shared at Christmas and holiday parties, no one wants to be told they can't indulge, least of all sleep-deprived new mommies.  So, what's a mom to do when she hears from the grapevine there are certain foods she can't eat if she is breastfeeding?

Here's the deal: There is NO list of foods that all breastfeeding moms must avoid.  Basically, just eat a well-balanced diet, with a variety of foods and all in moderation.  Balance, Variety, and Moderation.  (Not a bad New Years' Resolution for all human beings, breastfeeding or not.)  Don't believe people if they tell you a specific food is guaranteed to make your baby gassy, fussy or spit up more.  Babies are gassy - remember their digestive systems are working for the first time, and as they say..."Spit Happens." 

Occasionally, some babies can be sensitive to some foods or too much of a food that mom is eating and the best way to tell is by watching your baby.  If your baby seems to have a reaction every time you eat a certain food you could try cutting back or avoiding that food for a few days and see if you notice a difference.  And, if you have a family history of food allergies and you think your baby may be allergic, you may want to avoid that food.  Remember, each baby is different and unique, so let's treat them as such, and not automatically place an unnecessary roadblock to mom's enjoyment and breastfeeding success!      

Want to know more?  Here's some good sources:

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